Blue Blooded: ‘Denim Hunters and Jeans Culture’


Well it’s finally here, the denim dictionary, the selvedge scrolls, the indigo index, the button-fly bible or to use it’s proper name ‘Blue Blooded Denim Hunters and Jeans Culture’.  An essential new book from Gestalten by Thomas Stege Bojer and our old mate Josh Sims that tells you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the most ubiquitous item in your wardrobe but were far too cool to ask. Within it’s indigo loaded pages you’ll discover whether selvedge denim really is better quality, the true origins of the Osaka five (as well as the ‘Big Three’ obvs) not to mention how to buy the perfect pair of jeans as well as how to wear and wash them once you have.

There’s also in depth profiles and loads of incredible photos on brands such as Tender, Indigofera, Iron Heart, Tellason, Nudie and Hiut as well as key players such as Ruedi Karrer the curator of the phenomenal Jeans museum over in Switzerland. Given the mix of history, social commentary, sub-culture and style it covers, this book should appeal even to non-denim geeks out there, as it’s a  throughly riveting read in both senses of the world.

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