Brand new Veja silhouette

The Veja ‘Minotaur’, available now.

French footwear enthusiasts Veja have well and truly made a name for themselves in the last decade. Their environmentally and economically sustainable business model has received global acclaim, as has the quality trainers they produce. The brand are known for creating clean and classic silhouettes such as the Veja Campo or Veja Esplar, expanding their offering of quality kicks Veja are adding a new shape to their footwear range… Introducing the Veja ‘Minotaur’.

Inspired by 80s and 90s skate shoes, the Minotaur arrives as a high top silhouette that’s crafted from the brand’s eco-friendly chrome-free leather. The sole and branding of the trainer sees the likes of amazonian rubber and recycled rice waste used in the manufacturing process, reducing their carbon footprint. As sustainable as they are stylish, the Minotaur trainers are incredibly versatile and work incredibly well with some quality denim or straight trousers.

Retailing at £139, you can pick up a pair at Aphrodite Clothing here.

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