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Cool lists are stable blog space filler. Not only do you gain kudos from other blogs who are able to cut, paste and re-jig the content for their own means, but it also doesn’t take that long. However I prefer to be a little bit more irreverent or maybe that’s irrelevant. As my ‘cool status’ is lukewarm at best, here’s a quirky list of things that my life just wouldn’t be the same without that I’d grab if my house were ablaze.

If it was by the way, I’d let it rage until it was flattened.  It’s not mine, it’s rented, so could just move across the street. No danger.  

1.  Shaun from This is England “print” (sounds cooler than poster)

Not only is this ‘two-fingers-up’ pic ace, it’s the only thing the missus will let me, that’s right let me, put up on the wall. Not even the flying china mallards.  It also makes my mother shake her head when she pops over for brews.  And there’s nowt she can do. Therefore I win.

2. Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life: Gatefold 12”.  24 Page Lyric Booklet.

This would be the SFA “Man don’t give a fook” very limited 12” with Robin Friday sticking his fingers up (see pic above, yes I have issues), but some manc scally/best mate stole it off me whilst we were tripping the light fantastic back early 2000. I recovered it – only for him to do the same again a few years later. I will get it back Joe, just you wait….so instead I’d save this – it’s superminto.  Some even say his best work.  I don’t like to discount anything else, including ‘I just called…’ but everything about it is meg-la-top.

3. JACK and PROPER mag

Aceness in print form.

4. Blue Box

A little bit like a black box (RRRRRRiiiide on Time!) in that any important gig stub, football match ticket or club night flyer that was life changing…well I enjoyed is in there. So, first ever gig, one and only Glastonbury ticket, flyer for a club travelled across the country once a month for etc etc etc yawn yawn.…won’t list them, as its boring and it makes salty water come from my eyes/gives me a panic attack. But yes, Shed Seven is in there.

5. George Orwell Penguin books

OK they aren’t first edition or anything, but these are the copies of the books when I first read them…nicked from school (not really Sir) and can re-read and re-read them, mostly because I’m forgetful and get distracted, so…oh look my laces are undone.

6. Timex watch.

It has lots of sentimental reasons why this is on the list, that I am not going to share with you cause I’m not a soft lad, but this was actually the first watch worn for several years since I took off my Casio in 1997, when at a “rave/nightclub”, someone asked me the time and then stopped me saying “we don’t need time, take it off!”. Pph.

7. Brady “fishing” Bag.

There’s a really interesting story about how I finally got my hands on this delightful bag. Actually, it’s not at all, it was just a slight inconvenience of being informed of the incorrect shop opening times and being told to “do one” out a second floor window, that stopped me originally purchasing it. After a strongly worded email and a stern word from a friend who knew one of the culprits, the bag was mine – with the help of a large discount. Not only is it ace, it also houses my laptop (burglars take note), which obviously has all my photos and music on. There are also local OS maps, a thermos flask (currently on the draining board) and my swiss army knife, for some reason are always in there. Woggle out of shot.

8. Childhood pics.

Not of my family or loved ones, but of me. I’m self-absorbed like that, but also that these three pics sum up the array of mood swings I have; Disinterest. Over excitement and…well you can’t see the third as my face is behind a mask. Ah ha – that’s right,,,mysterious!

9. Programme from first ever football match: Notts County V Man City 16th Feb 1991 – FA Cup Giant Killing.

10. Well this one is missing, as there’s always something you should keep to yourself. So that you can tell if you are out of the dream or still in someone else’s! Or it could just be that it’s in my dad’s loft. I know you are thinking it’s the blue acid jazz t-shirt….I’m not saying.

Hope this helps.

Cordial Regards




  1. splitting hairs

    surely a ‘manc scally’ would have been a ‘perry boy’? No?

  2. David Hart

    Good read this! Shame about the Notts County Programme though.

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