C.P. Company Bermuda Shorts at Psyche

Haha, no seriously. I’m sitting here writing this, slightly overtired and trying to somehow plug my brain into writing about summer shorts when outside there is a deluge of hailstones. Mad.

The reality though is simple. The average temperature where we are in the month of May is 15 degrees. That’s on the cusp of shorts weather as far as I’m concerned. Imagine the following months when we’re due an average of over 20 degrees? You’ll feel silly won’t you? Sitting there in your jeans because we had a chilly day in spring. So think on.

Ok I’ll take this Michael Fish mask off now. Regardless of climate-based practicalities, these shorts are a wise investment. They’ll last you years because their luxe leisure vibe isn’t just a look. They’re excellently made, as you’d expect from C.P. Company.

Anyway, I’m off to study some graphics and drink a cup of rain.

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I had pizza for tea.

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