C.P. Company Chrome-R Nylon Hooded Overshirt

Oh yes, here it is. Another Chrome-R C.P. Company overshirt. And that shouldn’t sound like sarcasm: every single Chrome-R is exciting, but maybe we’re a little biased. We are based in a city, afterall, that is renowned for raining constantly, and C.P. make overshirts that they so humbly declare are “impermeable to wind and water,” our two lifelong enemies. It’s almost like the Italian powerhouse knows what we need before we do. 

The dyeing pigment process has reinforced the recycled multifilament nylon membrane – read: impermeable –  the fact that it’s recycled can ease your conscience and justifies spending another few hundred on a functional overshirt (again), whilst we wax lyrical with words like ‘multifilament’ and ‘pigment’ and talk about zips. Oh yeah, discreet zips, hidden zips. Adjustable hood. The arm pocket, and that completely unnecessary and brilliant ‘lens’ on the arm. A thing of beauty: head over to John Anthony now.

See more C.P. Company at John Anthony.

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