C.P. Company drop the DD Shell Lens Hooded Nylon Jacket

When the ice and snow descends, so too do the big hitters from the loft. We might not quite be in frozen lake territory yet but it’ll be along soon enough. And when you awake on a December morning to a bright white blanket of snow at your door, don’t be saying we didn’t warn you about this jacket.

There’s a simple beauty in a big orange jacket, especially when set against a crisp, wintry morning. Maybe I’m thinking of Big Ed Hillary and that famous pic of him back in ’57 in Antarctica. Whatever it is, this refreshing shade reaches parts others cannot and for that reason I’m just gonna endorse it, exalt it and express approval towards it, then leave you to peruse the photos John Anthony have provided us with. Don’t think about it too much.

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I had pizza for tea.

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