C.P Company Duck Down Goggle Jacket

Our admiration for all things Osti is nowt new. But perhaps it’s fair to say this last few months has seen a resurgence in popularity of Stone Island and C.P Company? Some are less fickle than we are and have stuck with it as one of those fabled wardrobe staples no matter how much wax cotton and heritage stuff was taking over.

What used to surprise me when I was writing stuff for an ace/well known shop was how great CP was, but how sales didn’t quite reflect that. It wasn’t ‘in’. It was great, but everyone was preoccupied with dressing like a farmer or a bi-curious geography teacher. ┬áBoth strong looks, but not really for me. CP was always out of my price range, plus that brief spell when everyone toerag this side of the Irwell was rocking about in Location jackets kind of sullied the pull of the goggle jacket for me. I’m not so arsed about what some know-nowt thinks these days though and as such, I’ve got an ever increasing urge to just bite the bullet, raid my numerous piggy banks and lay down serious queens on something like this.

I had a proper ace Piuma d’oca jacket a few years back but ended up moving it on as it was a bit short on me. I basically wanted to affect Roman ultra steez but ended up looking like a fat lad in a jacket that had shrunk in the wash. It had a watchviewer too which to my mind demands you have a nice watch. I didn’t have a nice watch. So it was ill-fated.

This though, is a real box ticker, so if you’re reading this post Father Christmas, and you’re feeling a bit flush, you know where I am, yeah? Just be aware it’s a Mille Miglia/goggle jacket. Nowt to do with google.

Available from Stuarts London


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