C.P. Company Goggle Neoprene Anorak at John Anthony

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So, what do you know about Neoprene? Not a lot, I’ll guess. I didn’t until I read up on it for the purposes of this post. Now I’m a semi-expert.

As is typical for good old C.P. Company, they’ve used a tech fabric on this Neoprene Goggle Anorak, available now at John Anthony.

The thing that makes Neoprene great is its durability. It’ll work in various temperatures without perishing as quickly as natural rubber will. It was first marketed as an actual product in 1931, though early incarnations needed perfecting a little. Initially called DuPrene after it’s founding company, DuPont, it eventually renamed itself to signify it more as a technology than a brand name and it has since been utilised for all manner of uses. It says a lot that a fabric first created almost 100 years ago still feels futuristic today.

Paired with the C.P. Company signature goggles (from 1988 or thereabouts), this is a heritage garment that looks every bit something like a matchgoing Marty McFly would sport in the as yet unconceived Back to the Future 4. That’s why it’s great.

Get yours now at John Anthony.

I had pizza for tea.

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