C.P. Company Is More than Materials

Shell-R, Chrome-R, Taylon P, Micro-M, 50 Fili… what does it all mean? 

C.P. Company’s influence and own substance need no introduction. Collecting C.P. – and any Osti-offshoot, for that matter – is a hobby akin to collecting Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Top Trumps… whatever the kids are collecting these days. 

The brand celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, which means that there’s an almost unknowable amount of clobber out there surfing the proverbial waves. Importantly, with every new release, there are new lines, new ranges, new iterations, and even more inspiration for the collector-hobbyist.

New to Oi Polloi is the Taylon P overshirt, a smock named after an in-house produced nylon. The Taylon P is heavier than the L, but still retains water resistance, and a fine matte finish that feels like cotton but dries like nylon. Bonus points: bright yellow and irresistible split pockets. 

Elsewhere there’s a Shell-R utility jacket, made of C.P.’s proprietary softshell recycled polyester that’s somehow both stretchy and firm. But a jacket is more than its material, as the utilitarian and sleek design demonstrates, proving that C.P. is world-renowned for both fabrics and design. 

It’s easy to get fixated on catchy acronyms, shorthand terms that you can throw around in the boozer to look clued in. While that is great fun, there’s no point having or knowing the material if it doesn’t look the part. Fortunately, C.P. has mastered silhouettes as well as fabrics. 

C.P. Company at Oi Polloi.

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