C.P. Company Trio of Metropolis Jackets in Co-Ted

Last year, C.P. Company revived and updated 2000’s Metropolis jacket – a jacket which has grown and reached an iconic status. 

This year, the silhouette has been modernised with C.P.’s Co-Ted fabric, a coated monofilament nylon Taslan. That’s a set of words that roughly means that the fabric is quick-drying and water-resistant (thanks to the Taslan weave). It’s the sort of material that you can pour a glass of water on and watch as the hydrophobic jacket repels beads of H20 off the ends of the jacket like lemmings marching to their inevitable drop. 

The jacket is available in three colours: stealthy black, earthy sand, and military green.

The parka has a removable padded liner, more pockets than you can shake a stick at, and that signature detachable rubber C.P .Metropolis badge on the front centre. 

Grab the C.P. Company Metropolis Jacket in Co-Ted at Pockets.

C.P. Company at Pockets.

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