C.P. Nylon Messenger Bag

Whenever I think of a ‘messenger bag,’ I always think of Hermes. No, not the delivery drivers, and not the French luxury brand (that’s Hermès) – I’m talking about the Greek God. 

Hermes is really the coolest God. Yeah, some of the Gods have tridents and stuff. Hermes, however, the God of understated statement pieces, gets cool over-the-body bags. He’s the god of travel, of connections, of roads. That’s pretty down-to-earth. He’s the type of guy who could tell you a story or two in the smoking area. He’s also the patron of thieves. So maybe he’ll sell you some stolen baccy or something. That’s why he has the messenger bag on him, you see? 

I reckon if he was around, he’d have a penchant for Italian designer (definitely not Hermès – those bags are far too impractical). He’d pick up a nylon messenger from John Anthony. 

Shop C.P. Company at John Anthony.

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