Canada Goose at Peggs and Son

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“Yer Granda’ looked like a goose… don’t mention it again”

We’re always watching Limmy in the office. The same sketches on repeat, which we then repeat. Well, usually me. But when I see anything goose related these days all I can think of is Brian Limond from Glasgow. Sorry.

Challenging that knee-jerk weirdness is Canada Goose, whose expert status at stopping really cold weather from affecting you is unrivalled. Peggs and sons may be a few hundred miles south of us and as such they probably get slightly warmer summers, but the icy blast coming off the English channel can be more bracing than.. I dunno… a brace. Whatever that means. My point is, if you want something to keep you well warm, look no further. I might indulge myself, if only to stop myself talking in a Glaswegian accent, like Limmy.

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I had pizza for tea.

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