Cardiff After Dark (Maciej Dakowicz)

The Egyptians have the Pyramids, the Romans the coliseum but what will the Cardiffians of the future have to look back on to remind them of their legendary ‘Epicentre of Boozy Britain’ status? Fear not Weekend Warriors of Wales, for your post sundown revelries have been captured forever more by the lens of Polish photographer Maciej Dakowicz’s and his anthropological anthology of arse over tit antics. ‘Cardiff After Dark’ was photographed over five years worth of weekends between 2005 and 2011 around a few lively pedestrianised streets in the City centre, capturing the entire British ‘on the piss’ experience in every lucid detail. We’ve all been witness to this predictable anarchy but seeing it in the cold, sober light of day it is both amusing and amazing in equal parts. Though this book has come in for a bit of stick from the press I think it has genuine artistic merit and provides a valid sociological document of our times as well as an ideal teaching tool that should be passed round every class-room in the country whilst discussing the dangers of cut-price vodka and unprotected sex (whilst dressed as a smurf).  It also makes the ideal present for the kind of person who is really difficult to buy for.


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