Carhartt Petanque Boule Set

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To the French Petanque (or boules as it’s more commonly known over here) is a national obsession and you’re never too far from the clink of boule on boule wherever you find yourself in France. Even a bad back doesn’t stop our European mates from giving up the game as instead they just put a magnet on a string so they can pick up their metal balls without having to stoop down. As if this genteel sport wasn’t cool enough Carhartt have gone and released a Petanque set that features three stainless balls engraved with their logo alongside the all important smaller ball or cochonnet (piglet) to give it it’s correct title. All we need now is a a sand pit and a bottle of Pastis, ca va?

Buy a Carhartt Petanque Boule Set from The Sporting Lodge here.


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