Carhartt WIP – ‘Paving Space’ by Raphael Zarka

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If you’re proper mithered from Christmas and all the stressful shenanigans that it entails then I highly recommend you take time out from the tinsel and tantrums to watch this calming Carhartt film. This soothing story is all about the coming together of Carhartt WIP, ISLE skateboards and artist Raphaël Zarka whose immense work has been given a whole new dimension thanks to the ‘art’ of skateboarding. His geometrical forms are printed as graphics on boards and tees but have also been created as solid wooden sculptures that can be skated on and exhibited as works of art all at the same time. This has mellowed me out no end, I think I’ll just stay in now and just give everyone money for Chrimbo, can you pass me that bottle of sloe gin and the Radio Times please?







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