Carry On Luggage with Klattermusen’s Urur Gear Tote

Urur- Swedish for the word ‘hour’ is the name given to this exceptionally well-conceived tote bag, by those suave Swedes at Klattermusen. Whether you’re just going about your daily business or you’re looking for something suitably light and adaptable for your long weekend away, this 23 liter tote bag does the trick.

It’s more than a simple tote bag, as it comes with backpack style straps, while the zipped opening of the Urur bag keeps it secure, yet easily accessible.

To round things off, this sturdy, reliable, lightweight piece of luggage folds away into its own little bag, like it’s hibernating or something. Mad isn’t it?

Enhance your life now with one of these, available in 3 colours at Klattermusen’s own web shop.

I had pizza for tea.

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