Cartocon Christmas T-Shirts

Look, mate, there’s no denying it. It’s here now. Hopefully you did what I did; got all your shopping done online and took advantage of ‘Cyber Monday’. The postman’s bag bust on his way to mine today and, now that I’ve got everyone else sorted, it’s time to start Whatsapping web-links to (hopefully) generous family members.

I’m basically going to point them in the direction of this selection box of t-shirts at Cartocon.

A few months ago, they released a shoot of their AW range that they had done by shrinking a load of blokes and a camera down to fit inside a baking tray wrapped in tinfoil. I don’t really know why, and it’s Friday night, my tea is nearly ready and I can’t be arsed trying to remember. Anyway, they’ve got a load of new stuff in, ICYMI, that is of the same high quality and intriguing quirkiness in design.

Check em out, pick your favourite and send a link to your sister.

Tell her I said, ‘Hi’.

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