Chaco Sandals – Born on the River

What to wear on your feet when the mercury rises is very much a first world problem. Just put some shoes on and stop going on about it, you cry. Well, if you’ve got a choice and fancy being more discerning there are a whole host of brands to choose from.

Chaco are one such option. Their iconic Z sandal has given rise to numerous copycats but none can match the original. The story goes that in 1989 a Colorado rafting guide felt compelled to create a footwear version of a gecko… something that’s equally at home in water or on dry land.

I’ve tried to work the phrase ‘hot on the heels’ into this article, but I guess I’ll save it for when I write about those stilettos made out of recycled chilli peppers. I digress….

Outsiders have brought something different to the mix in recent years and it’s no surprise they’re onto Chaco as a brand.

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I had pizza for tea.

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