Champion Reverse Weave Hoodies at Urban Industry

Okay, so now that Operation Stay Home is underway, it’s time to stow away those LinkedIn clothes and get comfy.

Some people can roll out of bed with Boris hair and happily get their WFH on in tartan sleepwear. Others like to shower and get dressed in proper yet loungeable clothes, so that they’re in the right mindset for the daily grind.

Whichever camp you’re in, a Champion Reverse Weave hoodie will fit seamlessly into your slouchier new wardrobe and see you through lockdown and beyond. 

Made from Champion’s signature heavyweight cotton, which has a horizontal (reverse) weave to prevent shrinkage, and with cosy fleecing on the inside, it gives you everything you could want out of an everyday hoodie.

Get yours from Urban Industry now – with 20% off, despite these being brand-new for this spring/summer season. There’s a nice peachy ‘Caramel’ colour, a mustardy ‘Beige’ colour, and an earthy ‘Military Green’ colour.

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