Champion SS15


Just before we all start seriously over-indulging and making merry whilst leathered on sherry, can I suggest that you don’t put too much Chrimbo timber on this year?

Because just around the corner in 2015 comes the arrival of an embarrassment of reverse weave riches from those sporty legends of loungin wear Champion.  As we all know being reverse weave means zero slack is gonna happen to your sweats, so there’ll be no squeezing that malteaser-dependent body of yours into your usual size if you’ve really let yourself go during the festivities. Seriously though, look how ace it is. It makes me want to take up boxing and then leather anyone being stupid enough to wear a shirt in 2015. Keep your eyes peeled for further collabs with Todd Snyder and Wood Wood in the new year too, so please bear all this in mind next time you’re about to dunk that huge piece of stollen into your pint of egg-nog, OK?

The collection will be available from Selfridges, Oi Polloi, Hanon & Present mid-January.





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