Cheryl Dunn, Festivals are Good


With festival season being still a fair few months away, you may want to relive those muddy good times by stage-diving into the pages of this brilliant new book. The author is Documentary maker, professional photographer and festival fan Cheryl Dunn who snapping away with her Leica for the past 25 years at a myriad of massive musical events. Though you will see the odd legendary musician belting out their biggest hits up on stage, the real stars of this book are the actual festival-goers themselves. Through these striking photos Cheryl has managed to capture the complete festival experience a experienced by everyone from wide-eyed virgin to seasoned veteran. It’s hard to sum up the dizzying effects that listening to amazing music en masse for several days has on the human psyche (and body) but this book manages it and like the title has made me feel like I need to get out more. See you in the queue for the organic, free-range, macrobiotic, felafel burgers yeah?

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