Christopher Raeburn launches The Lab E20 in Stratford

Christopher Raeburn has a lot on his hands. In Autumn this year, he’ll be relaunching Left Hand and ST95 – both brands that were developed by the late, great Massimo Osti at different times during his career. In Raeburn’s 15 year career, he’s worked with an unbelievably eclectic set of names, from Moncler to Barbour and Disney to London Zoo. He’s won numerous emerging talent awards, and emerged, with several accolades for sustainability and environmental intentions. In a relatively short career, that’s a dense set of achievements. Raeburn is the sort of designer that we – the world – need. 

He doesn’t just design clothes, though. Since founding RÆBURN, a space for community-based innovation and collaborations, in 2009, the team has been on the lookout for a way to tie it all together. The Lab E20 is a 3000-sq foot space where multidisciplinary fields can merge and blend. Importantly, it is “a call to arms and a springboard for future generations.” 

The space, situated at Victoria Plaza, Stratford, opened in July, with workshops, documentaries, pop-up shops, and even a micro-factory. 

The first sixth-month programme features input from the British Fashion Council, D-Lab, Fashion Open Studio, The Sustainable Angle, Loanhood, and more. 

More details are available here.

Copyright: Ben Broomfield Photograph
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