Clarks Originals Desert Boot turns 65!

Desert Boot Maple Suede £89 €115
When most of us turn 65 it’s time to take it easy, put some nice slacks on, close the curtains, get a bit of Jezza Kyle on and crack open that jumbo pack of Werthers Originals/metformin you’ve been hiding from the grandkids.
However this is in the human world, whereas in the world of iconic footwear it means you get a special edition of yourself made in an utterly gorgeous maple suede complete with a lovely commemorative fob and statement sapphire laces.  Which is exactly how Clarks originals have chosen to celebrate the 65th anniversary of their ubiquitous Desert boot, so hurry up and get yourself a pair right here. Happy Birthday Dessie!





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  1. Christian Hilton

    This is just the start of the celebrations, so I hear. Much more to come….

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