Clarks in Jamaica at the V&A


Jammy old London gets all the good stuff doesn’t it? Not content with having all the best shops and big houses and all that jazz, they’ve also got loads of proper good art galleries and museums too. And for my money London’s finest museum has to be the V&A which this Friday is playing host to Clarks in Jamaica author Al Fingers who will be giving a fascinating talk on just why Clarks are so beloved over on the world’s coolest island as well as focusing on the reggae and dancehall tunes that praise the crepe sole in their dynamite lyrics. Joining the discussion with him on stage will be Professor Paul Gilroy, producer Bunny “Striker” Lee and the actual man behind Wallabees and Desert Treks Lance Clark. Then after all this greatness Al will be hitting the decks to play a selection of the aforementioned Clarks anthems.  I think Friday night is pretty much how I always imagined heaven would be, just loads of top reggae and everyone wearing beautiful shoes, with God himself walking round in a pair of light grey Desert Rains.



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