Clarks Originals Wallabee Ridge

You know those people who refer to shoes as tyres’ ?  I know, #PeopleWhoNeedAGoodHiding right?


Well if they must insist on that piss-poor phrase then surely these Wallabee Ridges by Clarks Originals have the best ‘treads’ going.


Sounding like a ‘skin flick’ starring Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers the Deep Country by Clarks was an true ‘Ugly-Beautiful’ classic from the early ’70’s.  With a wraparound Plantation-crepe sole giving it the aesthetics of a dodgem car, ace old adverts and a change of name to the equally ‘uncool’ moniker of Clarks Caravan this shoe has become a bit of a mystical piece of footwear for the Clarks aficionado.

IMG_0661                IMG_0165


Unreleased since, Clarks Originals have decided to bring the model back in a more slimmed down, ‘easier on the untrained-eye’ silhouette renamed the Wallabee Ridge.

That instantly recognisable crepe outer & mid sole is still there, all be it, a thinner and paired version.

Unlike the original, unfortunately there is no suede option; let’s hope this is to come; a classic Oakwood suede would work wonders, wouldn’t it?

It is, however, available in 3 different coloured grainy leather uppers: Chestnut, Black and the winner for me – Tan, all with stamped branding on the ankle and simple tonal laces.

These are one of the highpoints of Originals’ A/W13 collection, and alongside the Edgar Way from earlier this year, show that Clarks are happy to use their illustrious archive to recreate some good things.

Don’t wait ‘till winter to buy them though, test drive’ ‘em today (see what i did there?!) Available from and other Originals stockists.

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