Columbia AW18 at Triads

Portland in America really does seem like the promised land to me, a quasi-mythical place where craft beer flows from the taps, every street has an exotic/organic food stand and the people are dressed in the finest outer/foot-wear on earth. Thanks to it’s geographical location and the challenging climate it’s also something of a nirvana to amazing outdoor clothing labels like Columbia who have been making incredible apparel for over 70 years. Thanks to a current love for all things 1990s and with hiking becoming the new nightclubbing, we’re starting to rediscover brands like Columbia and realising just how good they are. Remember when Souvenir Works did that Pendleton x Columbia Mashup btw? Speaking of which Triads have just taken delivery of Columbia’s AW18 collection and it’s a technical jacket heavy haul of transeasonal treats along with some very fetching Bugaboo hats and fleecy face warming gaiters.

Shop the Columbia AW18 collection at Triads here.


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