Columbia Bugaboo Interchange Hat

If you’ve read the latest issue of our magazine then (hopefully) you’ll have seen the article I wrote about the American outdoor brand Columbia. It’s an incredible story that spans 80 years, escaping the Nazis and a determined housewife called Gert that has given me a newfound level of admiration for the Portland brand that goes beyond fawning over beautifully coloured technical outerwear. Though whilst we’re on the subject, this Buffalo camouflage Bugaboo hat is a perfect example of why we rate Columbia so much at Proper HQ. Equally at home on the head of a grizzled ‘nam vet out in the hills as it would be on the head of a mountain-biking bad boy in Lancashire Hill this technical titfer is pure peak to precinct perfection. Just like it’s jacket namesake this Bugaboo (and the black one below) has some 3-in-1 functionality going on that means you can adjust it into three different styles according to which bits of your head you want to cover up. An amazing brand, an amazing bit of kit and it’s available from an amazing shop called Working Class Heroes right here.


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