Columbia Challenger is a Love Letter to Deep Blue

The Challenger from Columbia is a lesson in 90s colourblocking and design.

columbia challenger

The smock, as a category of coat, is simple, but with all things simple, there’ll always be clever ways to elevate them.

For Columbia’s Challenger, the elevation comes from well thought out touches like the waist cinch, side zips, zippered arm pockets and peripheral hood adjustment. The devil is in the detail. 

Completed with a stand-out Columbia logo on the hood, the jacket is a tribute to the 90s that maintains all the essentials for outdoor pursuits. With a deep blue colourblock, the original hiking essence is there: if you get loads in the hills, the jacket is helping you stand out. 

And it’s a bargain, too: £65 at Terraces. Bargain.

Columbia Challenger at Terraces.

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