Columbia Continues to Make You Better at Geography

A couple days ago, a few friends and I had an impromptu pub quiz outside a boozer. It was on an app, and you had to nominate a quiz master, divide into teams, etc. So far so good. The thing is, my friends are very competitive, which meant that no matter the result, tensions were going to be high. 

I ‘snaked’ a very Compassionate Girl in Cargo Pants by shouting over her to win a point on the geography section. It’s Hobbesian out there, dog eat dog. I turned a Compassionate Girl in Cargo Pants into a Livid Girl in Cargo Pants and I have no regrets.

Anyway, my point is this: the reason I can never lose in a pub quiz geography section is because I always Google the names of the outdoor related clothes I wear. Take this Columbia Steens Mountain fleece, for example. Steens Mountain is the wildest mountain in Oregon’s desert, and one of the first major sites that European traders pillaged for fur in the 1800’s. More ammunition for the geography round.

The fleece is composed of a fast-drying polyester blend, as opposed to that European Steens fur, and is finished with a button-up three quarter fasten. Check it out at Terraces.

Columbia at Terraces.

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