Combat the Clouds and Carrying Conundrums with Cape Heights

Founded in 1990 in Hudson, Massachusetts, Cape Heights has been providing innovative outerwear for more than 30 years. This gives them a pretty strong background in making clothing to take on whatever the weather throws at us. While we were all slapping on the sun block most of last month, this month so far has had us reaching for the outerwear. It rained so much this morning I think I saw Noah coming out of B&Q with loads of wood and some yacht varnish. He might be making a shed or something, but you know what he’s like with his boats and the rain…

Anyway, Cape Heights are perfectly equipped to solve your cloud-based conundrums this season without the need for gathering up loads of animals into a ship. Outerwear and exceptionally useful vests are on offer. BTW, did he take one lion and one lioness? Or were there just two lions? How did that work out? It’s almost like a fairy story.

Anyway, enough biblical critique, just click here to see what Yards have from Cape Heights.

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I had pizza for tea.

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