Combat the clouds – Patagonia Rainshadow in Industrial Green

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What goes up must come down. For every ounce of pleasure there must be pain. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. All very interesting, I hear you say, but what on earth are you going on about?

Well, allow me to explain. We’ve had a good few weeks of very clement weather haven’t we? It therefore stands to reason that we should be on alert for some sort of backlash, almost certainly in the shape of a massive thunderstorm. You know the ones. Streets temporarily turned into rivers, loads of pictures of lightning on instagram. Some fella in Brighton swimming down a road in his flippers.

Rather than take it as an opportunity to show how wacky you are, we’d strongly advise instead ensuring you’re suitably sorted out in the outerwear department. A jacket named the Rainshadow could hardly be more appropriate could it? Patagonia know a thing or two about problem solving. Having been founded in those times of burgeoning outdoor DIY kit making, they’ve since perfected a number of items of outdoor gear and have turned their attention towards solving bigger problems, like climate change, inequality and loads of other worthy causes. They’re just dead nice, basically.

Check out the Patagonia Rainshadow over at Wellgosh now.

I had pizza for tea.

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