Comfort you won’t want to Mys from Sweden’s Haglöfs

It’s been a few years since the Danish concept of cosiness crossed over to the UK. While we can’t quite compete with our Nordic counterparts in the winter climate stakes, we’re not unfamiliar with a need for extra comfort after the clocks go back.

Hygge is routinely trotted out each winter now, with brands and retailers using it to marry up their products with potential customers. What about Denmark’s neighbours though? Do they indulge in this quaint practice of being comfy and content?

Well, a little research tells me they do, but typically, in Sweden they do things their way and call it something different too. Here, Hygge gives way to something distinctly Swedish and we’re here to tell you more. You won’t want to Mys it.

That’s a pun, of course. Mys (pronounced “Mees”) is best described as Ultra Hygge. It’s about taking time out, recharging your batteries and generally looking after yourself. Wellness doesn’t really describe it, but it is definitely part of it.

Of course this being Scandinavia, the temperature can sometimes provide a challenge so it’s fitting that native brand Haglöfs are here with some attractive solutions.

Having recently sampled their gear on a wild camp in the UK, I can honestly attest that their sleeping bags are the best I’ve ever wrapped myself in. Reminiscent of something King Tut would go to bed in if he were somehow reincarnated in the year 2100, these Mummy-shaped comfort blankets have everything you need to keep warm, whether you want to place emphasis on travelling light, or base your choice purely on how low the temperature is set to drop.

The only downside is it’s a genuine shame Haglöfs are Swedish. If they were from elsewhere in the Nordic region, I might have been able to tie in the mention of Mummies with the phrase Pharaoh Islands.

Never mind.

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I had pizza for tea.

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