Comme Des Garcons Parfums Offer Tastefully Refreshing Fragrances

…featuring a wide variety of scintillating scents

Comme Des Garcons Parfums

When it comes to chilled out summer days you can’t just look good – you have to smell good too.

Comme Des Garcons know this all too well and are constantly adding a variety of fragrances to their Parfums range. With an abundance of playful scents and aromatic tones available, CDG Parfums truly offer unparalleled, long-lasting aftershaves perfect for a quick spritz here and there.

Over at Aphrodite, ‘Standard Eau de Toilette’ has quickly solidified itself as a fan favourite. Offering a strong gust of citrus that finds itself anchored by the rich nobleness of cedarwood, it creates a truly signature scent. Rounded off with notes of saffron, ginger and fennel, Standard offers a sensual experience in a bottle. 

The Comme Des Garcons Parfums range should be your go-to when it’s time to restock your aftershave collection. Check out the brand’s offering over at Aphrodite Clothing.

Comme Des Garcons Parfums

CDG Parfums at Aphrodite

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