Converse Chuck 70 Hi at Wellgosh

I’ve been thinking a lot about the old days recently, the pre-internet days when there was nothing on the TV, only about ten people in the country owned a mobile phone and you couldn’t play computer games with someone on the other side of the world. By today’s standards it was pretty boring most of the time but what was good about those dull days was that acid house came along and gave us all the best night out of lives. The youth, regardless of their class, colour or any other credentials came together and had fun, whether it was in a knackered old warehouse, a sports centre, a council flat or a motorway service station. We all got on, we all made friends, we made music, we made plans and we even made some of them happen. Which brings me neatly to Wellgosh who sprang up in that pivotal year of 1988, providing party goers with proper attire to rave the night away in, just like these colourful 1970s chucks they’re selling 30 years later. Arguably the most Balearic thing you can ever put on your feet, a sunflower yellow pair of Converse represent the acid house light that will never go out (of fashion). So whether you’re a retired raver listening to Sasha mixes in your armchair or you’re still dancing the night away, then these are the shoes for you.

Buy a pair of Converse Chuck 70 from Wellgosh here.


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