Cord Bucket Hat from Our Legacy

Manchester’s affinity for corduroy is so extensive that in Sweden, the name for cord – not, like, slang, but full on embedded in everyday nomenclature – is Manchester. I wish I was joking. They just call cord, Manchester

“Ah hey, ya, that is a really cool Manchester shirt you’ve got on. “

Or maybe: 

“Oh yes, lovely Manchester hat.”

The last point is important because in Manchester we are known, obviously, for our affinity for bucket hats. So this corduroy hat from Our Legacy is Manchester in style and Manchester in fabric, and I think if you went to Sweden wearing it you’d absolutely blow minds. I’ve heard the liquor is expensive, though – so maybe just stay in Manchester. Keep the hat. 

Grab it at John Anthony. 

(Also: look at them textures. Power, that).

Our Legacy at John Anthony. 

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