Corduroy Bhodes well for Autumn

UK brand Bhode was – until recently – a new one on us. In our role as fashion insiders we got to see it close up at a tradeshow the other week and we were suitably impressed.

The thing which caught our eye perhaps more than anything else was this chunky cord cap in Lavender Purple. Combining the heft required for the blowy autumnal conditions to come and the considerable amount of sunshine time, this comes in a colour ideal for the beach, yet is substantial enough to see you through to conker season.

Bhode has been around since 2008 so it’s slightly embarrassing we’ve not come across it before. Then again, they seem to have that admirable, almost old-school ability to just make good gear and let that do its talking for it. Brands have come and gone in the 13 years since Bhode began their journey, proving that slow and steady still wins the race surprisingly often.

Check them out here anyway. You’ll like them.

See more of what Bhode has to offer here.

I had pizza for tea.

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