Corridor Continues to Care

I can count on one hand the brands that I actually trust to have responsible supply chains. It’s a sad state of affairs but it’s true – the primary motive behind clothing manufacture is profit, after all. There are several young brands that subvert that Economics 101 model, though. Corridor is one of them. It makes for interesting conversation when a brand openly declares that their workforce is mostly female and entirely based in Madras.

Corridor’s commitment to their workforce is significant, with partnerships with domestic abuse charities and a whole list of on-site resources that follow in the footsteps of one-stop-shops like Google. I’m sceptical of Google’s reasoning for making their workplace unleavable, but Corridor’s is different: they’re offering their employees things that are typically very hard to access. Corridor even has the ISO and SA’s to go with it. 

Anyway: buying clothing in 2021 is about evaluating your impacts. That’s life in 2021. Corridor is a solid brand trying their best to pave a better future. 

This Acid Plaid shirt from them, with Corozu nut buttons, is hand dyed and woven by women in good conditions and sewed on Japanese sewing machines. 

Grab it directly from Corridor. 

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