CP Company Giubbino Sfoderato Goggle Jacket

Say what you like about Stone Island and CP Company being popular again, but to dismiss the merits of brilliant brands like these as simply trend is to do them a pretty big disservice. You don’t need me to tell you about them and the influence Massimo Osti.

Goggles might be something you’ll only wear for swimming in the chlorine infused waters of your local lido pool, but I think it’s about time we all stopped giving a shit what everyone else thinks. So what if your mad Auntie with the Primark habit mocks the goggles in your hood. She’s a dick and probably eats ice cream for breakfast. Who cares if that lad you work with tries to ridicule you on office nights out “How much? I could get a weekend away with the lads for that”. Fuck him and his shit mates.

Sorry, where was I? Yeah, CP, get on it. These things may be evolved using subtle changes here and there each season but at their heart remains a proper classic design. Everyone should have one. Even me. Now to somehow find the money. Maybe one day. *eats beans on toast again*

Available in two colours fromĀ Stuarts London

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