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From Toffee to Kan-D – what do sweets and jackets have in common?

There’s a lot of debate in the fashion community about the history of Massimo Osti, his influence on certain brands, and which of the many brands that he touched continue the boundary-pushing intentions he pioneered throughout the 70s, 80s and early 90s.

With Lorenzo Osti at the forefront, C.P. Company have never stopped experimenting with materials. First introduced in FW20, Kan-D – which stands for Klear Achronic Nylon Dyed – is a transparent mono-filament nylon that looks like a toffee wrapper.

In 1992, with Massimo still at the helm, Stone Island released the Toffee Wrapper jacket, a glazed, and highly unusual translucent PVC. Fast forward 30 years and C.P. is still tweaking archive fabrics for durability and performance.

Kan-D, while aesthetically similar to the initial Toffee Wrapper design, has a much deeper and more intense colour while maintaining translucent properties. The sheen, in fact, from certain angles, is more mirror-like.

The Kan-D ‘Nugget Gold’ jacket over at Pockets is super lightweight and transparent, perfectly showcasing Kan-D’s properties on a simple silhouette. 

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Kan-D at Pockets

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