Craghoppers: A british staple

The trusty outdoor companions go bold for AW22

Craghoppers are about adventure. They are one of those quintessential British brands that transcend trends and fashion itself. Favoured by explorers of all ages and all kinds you’re just as likely to see it sported by your grandad on a hike as your grandson on his bike. Craghoppers garments possess a kind of meaning reserved only for those brands who strike the important balance of quality and affordability. They are everyday clothes for the everyday person. Where else could this sensibility have derived other than the North of England? Craghoppers retains that humble grit found in its hometown of Batley on the edge of the Yorkshire’s Pennines.

For AW22 they return in their classic form with some additions. The Kiwi range employs their refined technical know-how into a range of garments and equipment suited to traversing the harshest of outdoor conditions. The Archive range recycles logos, silhouettes and colours from their past to create something contemporary and fresh. A range of researched technologies appear throughout their collection which combat the elements keeping the wearer warm, dry and even bug free.

Specific to this season, the Craghoppers team have been inspired by three environments common to the UK The Sea, The Forest and The City. Refracting them through a holistic lens, the collection seeks to highlight the utility of the environments which facilitate our own individual forms of well-being. This is communicated through a triptych of tones which appear as pops of colour whilst still incorporating the usual dark, wintrous colours associated with the season throughout. Placed on an expertly curated range of textures and materials, the visual language of the season is calculated and succinct.


What enhances Craghoppers appeal further is knowing that even though their products sit on the cheaper side of the market they’re still one of the good guys. In their award winning approach to ‘Mindful Making’ (an infinitely better term than sustainability) they offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their clothing, 70% of which are made out of recycled materials. Through all the shiny outdoorwear trends remember to remember the homegrown OGs. Check out their AW22 range on their site here.

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