Craghoppers channels Kubrick for AW21

Known for their reliable trousers perhaps more than anything else, Craghoppers’ commitment to embracing culture outside of mere function continues.

For AW21 their range is one of the most eyecatching and aesthetically pleasing yet, I reckon.

Rumour has it, some of the early Patagonia products were inspired by a trip to England by founder Yvon Chouinard. Given he passed through Yorkshire and Lancashire at different points, it’s a fair bet he’ll have encountered Craghoppers, based in Batley.

And now, for AW21, Craghoppers are acknowledging their clothing might not be worn purely for its performance. In doing so they’ve created a range which would hold its own on the shelves alongside aforementioned Patagonia.

To illustrate this,  their AW21 campaign imagery pays homage to the filmic style of hyperrealism and super imposition, drawing on inspiration from Nicolas Roeg and Stanley Kubrick. 

Check it all out at their website here.

See more at the Craghoppers website here.

I had pizza for tea.

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