Crep Protect “Cure”

If you value your footwear and are currently at or about to arrive at Glastonbury (or any other UK based festival for that matter) then you might just want to check out this video. In the film Crep Protect have only gone and taken a pair of the exclusive new Eminem x Carhartt Air Jordan 4s and pretty tried to destroy via a combination of appropriately titled American confectionary and a triple-nozzle blow torch. Then after being left to dry for a whopping 12 hours the Crep Protect Cure pack is put to the ultimate test of cleaning these superstar shoes and actually does an amazing job of miraculously reversing the damage done by the extreme hot chocolate treatment. So if you’re currently reading this from the front of the Pyramid stage and wondering how the fuck you’re going to save your treasured trainers then you’ll be glad to know that Crep Protect have the cure. Is Eminem on anywhere this year btw?

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