Crep Protect Helping You Weather the Storm

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 “Hello, I am the weather. No I’m not. Yes I am. I am rain, no I’m sunshine, no I’m a bit windy. “

Sorry, that was just the British summer climate speaking there. If the British weather in June and July joined you for a meal, you’d never get beyond the menu, so indecisive it is. This changeable weather can present problems to those of you who want to remain sure-footed in summer.

In theory, it’s the time to don the daps you’ve saved for best. Your bright white pumps are so much more suited to sunshine. And yet, there’s always this doubt as to how reliable those clouds are. Just when you’re introducing a tentative spring into your step, the sun goes for a nap behind loads of foreboding clouds and then guess what? Spots. Spits. Rain.

Sorry, we’re talking about the weather again. How very British. How very us.

But the truth is, in the mountain of problems the human race is facing right now, there’s a teeny, tiny little berth somewhere right at the bottom of the priority list, sitting in a box marked “What to do about footwear and weather”.

And as ever, Crep Protect reckon they’ve got not just one solution, but several.

Take their 200ml spray as a starting point. As the best movie character in history once said- “Preparation, Preparation, Preparation”.

The crucial info is this. It has a dry time of 10 minutes, does not and indeed will not affect the look, feel or performance of the footwear you choose to coat in this practical fairy dust. With one application of the Spray, shoes have up to 4 weeks of protection from liquids. I mean, don’t go thinking you can swim the channel in your Yeezys because you’ve drenched them in hydrophobic, invisible spray. But your masked up mosey down to a local area of outstanding natural beauty shouldn’t trouble your trainers, not one bit.

Then there’s this, the handy cleaning kit. Now, if you were thinking of bagging a belated gift for your stylish father (aka mid life crisis Dad), this couldn’t be more apt. Nice little presentation box and everything you could realistically need for day-to-day maintenance. Let’s not forget, we’re only a Grandad or two away from an entire generation who were punished for not cleaning their shoes, and while national service is thankfully in the bin, these types of products ensure you avoid putting your trainers in said recycling before their time.

Made of 98% natural ingredients, including coconut extracts, water, and jojoba, and using short and soft brush bristles.

I can never think of the phrase ‘shoe tree’ without thinking of a massive oak tree with loads of sneakers for leaves. Sorry, I’m not right in the head. This lockdown…

Anyway, a shoe tree is actually a very necessary and indeed oft-overlooked piece of the footwear connoisseur’s armour. I write this just a matter of centimetres from a huge pile of well worn but very much living trainers. They’re all in decent nick, but they’ve lost their shape. Much like me in the last 2 months. This lockdown….

Anyway, shoe trees, Crep Protect really have got this footwear zeitgeist accessory game wrapped up and without wishing to sound too gushing, Proper genuinely uses this gear and genuinely endorses it.

All products available at JD Sports, Size?, Footasylum &

I had pizza for tea.

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