Crep Protect’s Mark On Pen

Nothing worse than naffing a pair of fresh white trainers up on a night out, dropping chilli sauce all over the suede and getting bits stuck in the mid-sole. You end up looking like a lost property kid who wears pissy P.E shorts and cops his old man’s hand-me-down trainers. You know the type.

Anyway, no more of that thanks to Crep Protect, who have added the Mark On Pen to their ever-growing collection of sneaker care products. The Mark On Pen is there to restore your midsole to its day one status. Made with a 4MM bullet tip that allows for accurate touch ups, the pen can be used to restore tired midsoles or to go mad and design your own patterns.

The Mark On Pen is available now from Crep Protect and with the impending cold, damp and miserable whether to come, you’d be safe getting ahead of the game.

Absolutely well into house plants.

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