Crepe and Coke – Clarks Originals Cola Suede Wallabees are back

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My name is Mark and I am addicted to sugar-free cola.

My addiction is probably – in truth – a very minor caffeine dependency. I get through maybe 2 litres of diet coke most days, and while I’m sure there’s some nasty chemical in there that’s slowly shrinking my brain, bones and balls, it could be worse. I could be on spice or something.

Plus, if I wasn’t into cola, maybe I wouldn’t have been drawn to these new Wallabees at Hanon. The cola colour is hands-down the best colour of suede in my humble opinion. I do prefer the Wallabee boot, but it’s summer isn’t it? So this version is more than adequate to feed my addiction.

See more at Hanon.

I had pizza for tea.

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