Danner Trail 2650 (3-Inch) Shoe at Urban Industry

All-purpose shoes that you can rely on day in and day out, come rain or shine. That’s what you need. That’s what we all need.

We all have some peppered past-favourites that we’ve relegated, but that’s not what we mean. They’re not up to the task of everyday reliability.

Take Wallabees, for example. Permanently cool, but not a long-term everyday shoe. Take it from someone who’s tried. Those crepe soles erode too quickly, and the comfort fades along with that. Before you know it, your ankles are moaning. Wallabees et al are best reserved for the weekend, when you’re in less of a rush, or for when you want to look a tad suaver.

When it comes to reliable weekday service, sole trumps soul. Something with a bit of science behind it.

Look at the way running-trainer design has evolved since the 80s. Vintage runners are fine for light casual wear nowadays, and they look great, but nobody actually runs in them anymore. The science has moved on. Maybe we should take the same approach to our casual shoes…

The Danner Trail 2650 (3”) is a cross between a technical hiking shoe and a modern running trainer. It’s lightweight yet stable and supportive – just what you need for the commute or even the entire day.

And as scientific as they are, they manage to avoid nerdiness, looking more like Boba Fett’s gym trainers than a dad’s dog-walking shoes. 

Urban Industry has five colourways of this low-profile 2650 in stock, including one Gore-Tex option for the especially rain-phobic of you out there. Here they are:

You’ll find plenty of technical acronyms and explanations over on Urban Industry’s website, so you’re best heading there to learn more.

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