Darter Goods Co. Darter Corps Wrestling Tee

Remember Jake the Snake? Ultimate Warrior? Great days when we were more innocent and less prone to the cynicism that comes from being an adult.

Wrestling was sort of cool once, I’m sure of it. Maybe it wasn’t due to the overacting of roided up┬áthesbians. Maybe it was cool before all that fuckery-foo. Maybe it was when this sort of t-shirt was an actual thing. Maybe when it was about actual strength and skill. Sure, getting up close and personal, then trying really hard to get another fella to submit might sound a bit homoerotic, but what’s wrong with that?

For Darter‘s latest limited tee, they’ve headed to All Blues Co, the newest addition to the clothing offer Leeds can boast. It’s a fitting backdrop for a brand which mines the rich seam of Americana and comes up with nice designs courtesy of Adam Gill.

Get yours here while you still can.

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I had pizza for tea.

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