Darter Goods Co. New T-Shirt

“Chicks dig scars and motorbikes.” That’s my motto in life.

At least, that was my motto, growing up.

I’ve got a scar on my shoulder from throwing so many cricket balls a surgeon had to put it back together, a scar on my finger from an accident with a bread knife whilst on holiday in Valencia and I’ve never ridden a motorbike.

Chicks didn’t dig me. Maybe if I’d worn one of these new Darter Goods Co. Motorcycle Club t-shirts, I’d have been beating the birds away with an oily wrench.

As usual, these tees are inspired by Rob and Adam’s love of Americana, the 50s and mid 20th century graphic design. And their sphere of influence has taken a detour from the laid-back Preppy feel of earlier designs and gone down and dirty.

It’s something you’d wear down to the chop shop, underneath an oil soaked jacket, to drink some brewskies and strip back your hog. Before having a fight and riding off into the sunset. Or just to the pub. Whatever. It’s your t-shirt.


men's t shirt outside garage blurred image of man in t shirt darter goods t shirt cycle club t shirt detail shot of screen print t shirt

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