Tat Merchants: Oi Polloi’s Deck~Out 416

Oi Polloi runs a series called the Deck~Out where they style an outfit that turns the wearer into some sort of sartorial superhero, complete with an origin story, repressed memories and an urgent agenda. This week’s, Deck~Out 416: Tat Merchants. 

Deck~Out 416

“In an age of rapid delivery drones and high-speed ‘retail experiences’, the humble art of flogging tat door-to-door is now unfortunately dead-on-arrival.

“But like freemasonry and written correspondence, there are a few dedicated losers keeping these hallowed traditions alive… like this chap.

“Alright, he might not have knockoff AirPods in his inventory and it takes him about six hours to clear a block of flats, but when it comes to overpriced toothbrushes and books with titles like ‘How to Tame a Housewife’, world-wide-web commerce giants can’t hold a handle to this guy.

“Oh no, wait… you can get ‘How to Tame a Housewife’ for six quid cheaper online. Sorry mate.”

Oi Polloi’s Deck~Out 416 features bits from Adsum, L’Impermeabile, Beams Plus, Carhartt, Wrangler, and adidas.

Oi Polloi’s Deck~Out 416

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