Monty Mintlesworth, Gentleman Explorer: Oi Polloi’s Deck~Out 415

Oi Polloi runs a series called the Deck~Out where they style an outfit that turns the wearer into some sort of sartorial superhero, complete with an origin story, repressed memories and an urgent agenda. This week’s, Deck~Out 415: Monty Mintlesworth, Gentleman Explorer. 

Deck~Out 415

“The era of the gentleman explorer is long behind us, but there are still a dedicated few keeping the hallowed tradition of looking classy while trekking through uncharted territories alive. 

“Of course, all the good locales were scouted, conquered and claimed hundreds of years ago, so our sharply-dressed adventurer’s achievements can hardly be described as… exciting. 

“The Sainbury’s where you can still buy Synder’s Jalapeño Bites… a baron bit of marshland near Turn Moss… the prime fly-tipping location… the only Curry’s in the UK where the staff aren’t smarmy know-it-alls… 

“Hardly reaching the heady heights of Shackleton, but you can’t knock him for trying.”

Oi Polloi’s Deck~Out 415 features bits from Beams Plus, Workwear Heritage, Fujito, YMC, Anonymous Ism, and Birkenstock.

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